Romeo Fucks Skyler

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Two of the finest Texans to walk this planet are about to collide, all for the love of money. Skyler and Romeo are going to fuck. This is Romeo’s very first time fucking another guy. The first time I saw him doing his solo, I knew the moment would come. Skyler has some concerns, he feels like he’s been getting fucked a lot lately and he’s not sure how he feels about that. Romeo is a bit anxious to actually stick his fat cock inside something that isn’t a mouth or a pussy.

“I don’t know what to expect,” Romeo says.

Our southern studs strip down to nothing and start to jerk each other off. Romeo then leans over and takes Skyler in his mouth. After a few minutes of sucking, Skyler’s dick is rock hard.

“That’s pretty quick,” the cameraman says to Romeo. “We’ll have to hire you as a fluffer.”

After some good old fashioned deep throating Skyler gives Romeo a break and begins to slurp and swallows Romeo’s dick. He takes no prisoners as he uses his lips, mouth, and throat to dominate Romeo’s throbbing cock.

“Oh, fuck,” Romeo moans.

Skyler deep throats with gusto, making sure his nose nuzzles Romeo’s pubes. All of this sucking
gets Romeo ready for the main course. Skyler hands him a condom. As he puts it on, Skyler places
lube in his canal. He gets in the doggie style position, and Romeo saddles up.

Our new top doesn’t give Skyler a chance to get used to anything. He slams inside, balls deep from the start. Skyler whimpers and grits his teeth. When told he backs up his fine ass.

“Oh, fuck,” Skyler whimpers.

“You like that,” Romeo asks.

Skyler doesn’t respond, but Romeo doesn’t care. He wants to mark that hole. Skyler gets on his back, and Romeo continues to pound away. The fucking gets faster, pushing  Skyler over the edge. His load explodes and coats his pale stomach. Romeo pulls out jerks a big old load that mixes with Skyler’s man milk.

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Romeo & Skyler

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  1. Xtian says:

    I would love to fuck that twink.

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