Paul Canon Fucks Ayden Troy

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You’re never going to guess what we have in store for you guys today. It’s impossible; you could never guess this one in a million years so don’t try. One hint, it involves Paul Canon’s big cock and Ayden Troy’s asshole.  You might have figured it out by now, LOL.

“It’s good to have you both here today for an extra special treat,” the cameraman says.

“We going to lick the cherries off the field,” Paul says.

After holding out for more than a year Ayden Troy has agreed to get fucked for our BSB cameras and veteran asshole fucker Paul Canon has the honor of popping his cherry.

Our buds strip down to their birthday suits and wake up their mammoth cocks respectively. Once they are good and hard, Ayden leans over and begins to fellate his well endowed friend. Ayden’s warm wet mouth, his smooth lips and soft tongue send Paul into a moaning frenzy. He dick gets harder and harder as Ayden sucks and slurps his thick shaft and fat head. Ayden closes his eyes and imagines that he’s running through cherry fields. Paul grabs Ayden’s ass discreetly as Ayden wrangles his big dick with his wet throat.

After dishes out some intensely wet head Ayden sits back and Paul slams his mouth down on Ayden’s meat. He takes a different approach using his big hands and his mouth simultaneously, taking Ayden inside his mouth inch by inch. Ayden reaches around and begins to stroke Paul’s rock hard cock as he moans from the outstanding dick service he’s getting. Paul’s juicy red lips are in overdrive and his throat is open for business. He jacks Ayden’s thick dick gently while he slurps and sucks.

“I want to taste that sweet ass,” Paul says.

Ayden gets into the doggie position and Paul rims away. He even uses a finger to tease the hole.  He might not want to get fucked, but Ayden loves when his ass is treated right.

After easing Ayden’s hole with some deep tongue action it’s time for his journey inside. Ayden lubes up, Paul slides on a rubber and slowly eases himself inside Ayden’s unmarked territory.

“Oh fuck, oh my God” Ayden shouts.

Paul is just getting started. Paul grabs Ayden by the throat and slams his dick inside Ayden, hard, deep and slow. Paul switches the positions and puts poor little Ayden on his side and continues to fuck him good. Ayden can’t help but to stroke his own dick as Paul’s cock caresses his prostate. As the slowly climb towards their climax Paul put’s Ayden on his back and digs deeper.

“Oh that ass feels so good,” Paul proclaims.

“Oh, Paul,” Ayden cries.

Paul hold’s Ayden’s legs and kisses his toes as they get closer to cumming. Finally, Ayden shoots his huge load first and Paul’s man milk spews shortly there after.

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Paul Canon & Ayden Troy 

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  1. Xtian Xtian says:

    Dammit, those photos make me want to claw my way into the computer screen and join them. 🙁

  2. John B. John B. says:

    Yum! Hehe 😉

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