Kayden Shows Off

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Allow us to introduce you to Kayden. This strapping young man is a self proclaimed country boy who loves the great outdoors, having a good time and banging chicks in his car. How does he feel about BSB?

“Play with my dick and get paid for it,” the 19-year-old says to the cameraman.
“Sounds like the best idea ever.”

Kayden is bi-racial, young, and full of cum. Did we mention he cooks? This broke straight boy would make some chick or dude very happy. After a few probing questions, Kayden begins to undress revealing a tight body complete with a sweet ass, fat uncut cock and six pack abs.

Kayden starts to wrangle is big uncut cock. Typically he’d use porn for stimulation but he’s thinking of his past girlfriends. He remembers something really good because his soft sausage get very plump within moments. He gets on his knees, and it looks like he wants to bust soon. His hand plays with his schlong, keeping attention on the sensitive tip.

As he nears his peak he plays with the outside of his hole. Before you know it his stroke speed increases and he shoots a huge load of his sweet cum on those amazing abs of his.

Looking forward to seeing Kayden in more scenes?


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    That’s right. Practice that hole.

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