Kaden & Skyler

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Kaden has returned! It’s good to know that we didn’t scare him away. On today’s BSB adventure veteran, Skyler, joins our newbie Kaden. Not only does he have a charming smile, but Kaden also has a few important bills pending.

“Cops like me a lot so they like to give me these tickets, invitations to court,” Kaden says to the cameraman. “So I’m going to pay my cover charge to court.”

Kaden is understandably nervous. This is his very first taste of the delicacy known throughout the world. A meat so delicious that it’s flavor satiates the appetites of men and women alike; dick. Skyler reminisces about his first taste.

“I felt like crying, but didn’t,” Skyler says.

Kaden is optimistic when asked what he thinks cock will taste like.

“It will probably taste like skin,” Kaden responds. “Cock doesn’t have a flavor. Unless it’s chocolate.”

Skyler smiles and warns is new buddy.

“It tastes a little different than you think,” he insists.

The guys get things started, strip down to nothing and commence with getting those dicks nice and hard for each other. As their meat swells they give each other a hand, and slowly jack each other off. Skyler decides to show this new kid the true meaning of a blowjob. Kaden gives Skler a perfect ten!

“He gives a better blow job than a chick,” Kaden explains.

Skyler isn’t shy and he doesn’t hold back. He takes Kaden’s thick dick in his mouth, deep throats it, sucks the head, and licks the shaft. We hope Kaden was taking notes because soon it’s his turn at bat. Kaden grabs Skyler’s cock and begins to suck it like he’s been doing it for years. He slurps hard and sucks it like he’s trying to suck out the sweet nectar trapped inside. Skyler is pleased.

“Oh fuck,” Skyler moans.

Skyler decides he wants some more of Kaden’s cock and begins to slurp on it as he strokes his wet dick. Kaden reels from Skyler’s wet warm mouth all over his fat cock.

The pleasure is written all over his handsome mug. Skyler continues to jerk and soon he reaches his peak.

“I’m about to cum,” Skyler announces.

Skyler’s seed shoots far beyond his torso and lands on Kaden’s side. Kaden starts to jack himself, he’s very eager to release the cream inside. Soon enough he shoots a thick load on his sexy stomach.


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