Johnny & Jason

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This time around we’ve got Jason Matthews and Johnny Forza! If Jason seems a little pepped up it’s because he’s got a new lady friend. Jason’s new girlfriend is a leggy dancer with expensive taste. She has no qualms about the way her beau earns a living, as long as he brings home the bacon.

“Her philosophy is you’ve already done it, so you might as well own it and make some money out of it,” Jason says.
After a little small talk our guys quickly strip down and get right to business. Jason takes Johnny’s piece between his lips and gets to work. Jason’s undeniable cock sucking skills are his best asset. Johnny’s throbbing cock swells within a few moments of entering Jason’s warm wet mouth. Eager to please Jason takes the cock to the back of his throat with ease and enthusiasm. Johnny moans. His eyes roll in disbelief. With one last kiss to the head, Jason prepares to take Johnny’s big dick in his tight ass.

A carefully rolled condom and a couple squirts of lube later and Jason is fucking Johnny’s cock at a full gallop. His own fat dick fully erect and flopping back and forth. The room echoes with an orgasmic orchestra featuring the sound of the Johnny’s wet cock slamming in and out of Jason’s tight hole, the leather couch, and their moaning.

Johnny repositions Jason on his stomach and begins to pound his ass like a piece of veal. Soon Jason takes control and begins to throw his ass back hard onto Johnny’s rock hard cock. Johnny grabs Jason by the back of the neck and fucks him like an animal.

In a flash Jason flips on his back and Johnny eases in to his warm hole. Johnny grabs him by the throat and fucks him so hard you can feel the room shake.

“Fuck, yeah Johnny,” he says.

Jason’s toes curl and his tool stays rigid as he gets drilled.

“Give it to me, Johnny,” Jason orders.

Jason’s man milk shoots out, landing on his face, chest and mouth. Johnny pulls put and strokes his load, which coats the hair around Jason’s member.


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  1. Sam Sam says:

    Great snapshots! I’m so turned on by the look on that top guy’s face!

  2. nate19 nate19 says:

    the one fucking looks really good. still dont know if im top or bottom but i want to suck his dick to if he looks like that hehe

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