Johnny Forza & Tyler Blaze Flip Fuck

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A flip-flop between Tyler Blaze and New Jersey’s finest Johnny Forza.

The two quickly get out of their clothes. They give each other a smack on the butt. Tyler’s rump looks so sexy in his red undies. And does anything need to be said about Johnny’s round mound? It’s been breaking hearts ever since the stud’s first video!

He sits on the edge of bed and Tyler sucks pole first. Tyler takes his time, slowly deep throating all of Johnny’s pole. He licks and laps it, like a last meal. Doing his best to get some man cream. Tyler’s sucking skills have improved since his last round in our studios, and Johnny appreciates his partner’s progress. :-) Tyler puts his hand on Johnny’s muscled chest and takes a peek as he sucks. Wants to make certain he’s making his man happy.

“Oh, yeah,” Johnny groans.

Tyler pulls up and gives his Johnny a kiss. The Jersey boy kisses back. Such good manners.

Tyler gets on the bed so his tool can get oral attention. Johnny puts his head down and blows away. He’s pushing all of the right buttons because Tyler caresses Johnny’s scalp.

Johnny will be filled first. He gets on his back and Tyler enters. Some adjustments are required, but Tyler returns where he wants to be. When he starts stroking, Johnny moans. The fucking is slow at first, but Tyler picks up the pace. The boy from the Garden State grits his teeth and takes it. He also accepts a second kiss Tyler offers. Is there a more sexy picture than these two studs swapping spit?

Time for payback. Tyler puts his phat booty on the bed’s edge. Those hairy cheeks are separated in one stroke. Tyler grabs the sheets and clenches his teeth. As for Johnny, it’s balls deep. He makes that ass jiggle and wiggle the way it’s supposed to. Both boys are grunting and moaning.

“Like that fucking dick,” Johnny asks.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” Tyler responds.

Johnny smacks the rump like it’s his personal property. Which it sort of is. The overhead view of the dick going in and out will make your weekend. Tyler gets on his back, and Johnny gets back home.

“Oh, fuck me,” Tyler demands. “Oh, shit.”

Johnny stops the fucking for one last kiss. It probably means nothing that after touching lips, Tyler shoots.As in he really shoots. His load covers his chest and makes the chest hair all sticky and wet.

Johnny pulls out and strokes his nut. His jizz coats Tyler’s hole. After everyone calms down, Tyler utters the perfect description.

“Oh, shit. I’m just a fucking cum bucket right now.”



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    My boyfriend and I just broke up n Im still trying to heal n move on from the pain… I wonder if there’s someone to help me get through this… I think I wanna love again… Reply to this if you’re interested… Hehe.

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    so great! hehe

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