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Oh, Mr. Jerek Miles. It has been way too long since you last appeared in a video! We in BSB land have missed you. :-) However, it seems that today’s update is perfect for you.

“This video is all about deep throat,” the cameraman says to Jerek and Johnny Forza.

“Don’t bite,” is the first bit of advice Johnny gives to newbie-ish Jerek.

“You both have pretty big dicks, so this will be interesting,” the cameraman notes.

Both lads strip and hop on the bed. They jerk themselves and after Jerek gets hard Johnny sucks pole. Poor Johnny! His mouth is overflowing with Jerek’s meat. He tries to take it all but can’t get to the base.

“Why don’t you give it a try,” Johnny inquires.

Jerek wants to, but wants Johnny to show a little wood at least! LOL! The Garden State stud strokes and Jerek patiently waits. It’s time and Jerek starts slowly and carefully. There’s no biting. :-)

“Not bad,” Johnny observes.

At first Jerek only pays attention to the head. So Johnny shows him how it’s done. Johnny gags on Jerek’s johnson, getting it wet with spit. Jerek goes for round two. He puts more meat in his mouth. Even takes it to the balls.

“Oh, my god,” Johnny exclaims.

Johnny stands up, with Jerek on his knees. The sausage is standing straight out and Jerek takes it all. His eyes are wet from the effort.

“He’s not doing bad,” Johnny says to the camera.

Jerek deep throats for a few strokes but has to come up for air occasionally. The boy has quickly taken to his deep throating lesson and Johnny appreciates Jerek’s quick study. LOL! The cock sucker looks so cute on his knees, holding his own tool, looking up at Johnny. Someone give this boy a prize.

“Wow, that’s deep,” Johnny groans.

The two get back on the bed, and Jerek continues his oral lessons. The NJ stud grabs Jerek’s head and pushes it down. The sounds of slurping and Johnny’s moans fill the studio. Jerek stokes his thick tuba. All of this excitement proves too much and he nuts all over his chest. Probably the biggest BSB load he’s shot.



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    So many Johnny Forza posts! Not complaining though. ;P

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