Johnny Forza & Duncan Tyler

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Duncan Tyler, an old BSB favorite, has returned. Duncan found himself a regular job, so he hasn’t been a Broke Straight Boy officially for a while now.
“A weekly paycheck is cool,” Duncan says. “The daily work sucks.”
“I get paid to break stuff,” Duncan notes.
Fortunately for us, he doesn’t manage money well.

Our boy Johnny caught a glimpse of Duncan’s dick earlier and he’s really glad that he’s not getting fucked with what he called a “horse cock”. He also told Duncan to stay far away from his girlfriend.

The pair find their way to the bed, whip out their beautiful cocks and get the party started. Duncan may have been missing in action for a while but he sure didn’t forget how to suck dick. In less then a minute Johnny’s meat is at full salute and Duncan isn’t done with it. He sucks it deep and strokes it softly, sometimes playing with the balls. Johnny just leans back and watches the show.

Soon enough, Johhny shoves Duncan’s horse cock down his throat and begins sucking and licking like his life depended on it. Duncan strokes his dick while Johhny kisses, licks and sucks on the horse cock like he wants him to shoot a sticky load all over his sweet little mouth.

“Let’s fuck” Johnny suggests and the two quickly get situated. Duncan bends over in the doggie style position. Johnny slides in and begins fucking feverishly. Duncan is completely flushed but he takes the pipe like a pro. Johnny grabs Duncan by the waist and pulls him in so he can fuck him deeper.

These two studs switch positions and Duncan lays on his back while Johhny holds his legs and fucks him hard. Duncan nears his peak and starts to stroke his huge cock as Johnny wears into his hole. A few minutes later is horse dick is shooting a huge wad on his stomach. Johnny quickly pulls out and cums in the same spot.


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  1. Damon Damon says:

    Johnny Forza for the fucking win

  2. willumerryme willumerryme says:

    My boyfriend n I just broke up n Im still trying to heal n move on from the pain… I wonder if there’s someone to help me get through this… I think I wanna love again… Reply to this if you’re interested… Hehe.

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