Johnny Forza and Ian Dempsey

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Springsteen, Dylan, McCartney; none of these legendary singers signature voices compare to the vocal styling’s of the one and only Johnny Forza. Why is he belting so passionately? Well, today he gets to fuck Ian Dempsey. That’s something to sing about!

“I don’t sing when I get fucked,” Ian says.

Hey Ian, let’s wait until this scene is over because you might be changing your tune.

The boys quickly drop trou and Ian immediately sticks Johnny fat “microphone” into his wet and willing mouth. Johhny’s thick cock is completely hard within a few moments of entering Ian’s throat. Ian sucks Johnny senseless. This guy barely comes up for air, meanwhile he slowly strokes his own dick.

After a few minutes of blessing the tip of Johnny’s massive meat, Ian stands up in preparation for his impending ass pounding. Johnny warmly rewards him with a kiss for his dick sucking.  Johnny slides inside him and begins to open his hole with some gentle rhythmic fucking.

After a few minutes Ian takes control! Throwing his ass back onto Johnny’s throbbing dick.

“Oh yeah! Fuck that dick,” Johnny commands.

“Get on the bed,” Johnny says as he gives Ian a smack.

Ian is obedient and Johnny begins to fuck him doggy style on the bed. Their moans almost sync up and create the sexiest little soundtrack. Ian arches his back and as Johnny takes control and pounds his wet hole. Johnny puts Ian flat on his tight belly and jams his dick inside, this time he’s going for the kill. He pounds him deep with quick short thrusts then slow long ones. Ian can only grip the bed and take the hard dick as best he can.

In their final fuck form, they go Missionary. Ian strokes while Johnny slams his cock in deeper and deeper. Johhny’s dick is so hard and Ian’s hole is so soft, wet and warm.
“I’m going to cum,” Ian announces.

He explodes on sexy belly. A moment later Johnny shoots his load in the same spot. HOT!

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Johnny Forza & Ian Dempsey

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6 Responses to "Johnny Forza and Ian Dempsey"
  1. DAMON DAMON says:

    I LOVE BSB! <3

  2. HunkyVince HunkyVince says:

    Know that guy Johnny Forza. He looks like a good fuck. I personally want my guys more buff than him but from what I’ve seen in his other appearances he looks like he knows his way around an ass more than a lot of other models out there.

    In short, yeah, I’d like to get some of that dick too. Hahaha

  3. lonleyboi_90 lonleyboi_90 says:

    yummy boys…
    new hir…
    which bois shud i chek out!?!

  4. Sam Sam says:

    Hats off to that top for sustaining that much power fucking. AND BOY THAT BOTTOM’S ASS CAN TAKE A GOOD AMOUNT OF FUCKIN.

  5. Nate19 Nate19 says:

    i want to fuck too… help me please. Hahah

  6. Kevan Kevan says:

    Gotta give it to Johnny. He does know how to put on a good show. 🙂

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