Johnny Forza and Brandon Beal

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The BSB community will howl in protest after watching this update. Oh, it’s more than hot. Has Johnny Forza or Brandon Beal ever given an uninspired performance? However, this is Brandon’s official cherry getting popped scene, NOT the one we posted, at the end of September (he was paired with Denver). Sorry for the confusion. Blame it all on the writer (that’s me). Now to more pressing matters. The vid starts with both models, on the bed, in their underwear. Brandon is pitching a tent and Johnny’s second head is peeking through the slit of his underwear.  “I’m taking your flower,” Johnny slyly says. “I’m very excited, actually.

WATCH Johnny fucks Brandon

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  1. Eric Eric says:

    Ugh Johnny Forza never fails to turn me on

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