Jason Matthews & Skyler

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There’s nothing like a man who takes control of a situation! Our boys Jason Matthews and Skylar Daniels completely take over the introductions and get right to it. The sexy and assertive pair chat about their mutual love and admiration for the great state of Texas.

“Are things really bigger in Texas,” Jason wonders.

Skyler pauses for a moment and says they are. Would we expect any other answer from a proud Texan?

After a little more banter these two studs undress and Jason immediately inhales Skyler’s meat in his wet mouth. Skyler is immediately stiff and dripping pre-cum. Jason continues to suck, teasing Skyler’s cock with his tongue and deep throating it at just the right moments.

Before you know it Skyler is swallowing Jason’s long dick with passion. Jason grabs him and pulls him into a wet kiss so that he can taste his dick on Skyler’s mouth. Skyler’s dedication to dick sucking is admirable; he pays close attention to every part, head, shaft, base and balls. He makes sure to use all the tools at his disposal: lips, tongue, and throat.

Jason soon gets up and prepares his cock for his voyage inside Skyler’s warm hole.
Jason slaps his rock cock on Skyler’s sweet ass and then eases it in. He slams his dick in deep with each stroke so Skyler can get the full extent of what he has to offer. This man fuck is intense. Jason kisses and licks Skyler’s back as he fucks him hard and gives him some direction.

“Oh, yeah. Come back on my dick.”

Skyler backs his sweet ass on that meat, his hole stuffed.

“Oh, fuck me,” Skyler moans.

“You like that,” Jason asks

“Oh, yeah,” Skyler answers.

Jason’s handprint can be seen on Skyler’s soft ass. The two switch positions. Skyler hops on Jason’s dick and begins to ride it like a seasoned Equestrian.

“Yeah, ride my dick,” Jason commands.

Skyler does, going up and down. Jason pulls him down and offers another kiss.

They switch positions one last time. Jason lays him down and starts pounding his ass. He’s definitely hitting all the right spots because after a few soft strokes, Skyler’s shoots a creamy load on his belly. Jason pulls out and licks Skyler’s cum off of his chest and gives him a taste when he kisses him. Jason jacks his dick and he explodes. The load lands on Skyler’s smiling face.

“Good stuff,” Jason remarks.

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