Ian Shows Off

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Gentlemen, this is Ian! He’s a homegrown boy from Idaho. He’s been roughing it since his parents kicked him out. He’s tired of couch surfing and is desperate to make some money. He heard about BSB through the grapevine. We don’t care how got here, we’re just glad he found us. He keeps is body fit and tight by staying active. He’s a former swimmer, has a nice cock, sweet ass and a winning smile. What’s not to like about him.

Just as Ian is getting into the groove, Clay asks Ian to show his booty hole. This is a foreign concept to him; he says he’s never played with his hole while he jacked off. He had a nice hole. It’s a shame for a thing of beauty like that to go to waste.

Ian admits that this environment isn’t his typically ambiance when he’s about to rub one out. Needless to say he’s a bit nervous. He grabs some lube and marinates his meat. As he strokes he closes his eyes and slowly but surely he relaxes. His dick swells more and more and his balls throb as he gets closer to his release. After a bit he decides to lay on his back. His face is  flushed and he breathes deeply. You can tell a big one is coming because he can’t even close his mouth.

“I’m going to cum,” he whispers.

His cock spews a huge load of hot cum on his chest and sexy flat, tan belly.


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  1. JohnB. JohnB. says:

    Hmm… You can stay in my apartment but you have to fuck me. Hehe.

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