Flint fucks Graham RAW

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Flint and Graham star in this most recent update. We learn Flint is a video game fan and he’s never
jerked off to online porn. Graham admits he has spanked the monkey when it comes to internet
fornication (grin). Both lads admit to being nervous, a surprise considering how both are semi-pros
here at BSB.

They do promise to put on a good show. Flint is out of his clothes first, and Graham notes his

“That was fast,” Graham says.

“Like a super-hero,” Flint observes.

The Graham-anator (the new name the curly headed boy earns from the cameraman) gets on his
knees, while Flint leans back on the bed. Graham puts Flint’s tool in his mouth and the thing gets
plump. Poor lil’ Graham’s mouth is over flows with meat. He looks up at Flint as he pleasures him.
Flint’s breathing gets louder and more labored.

As he is doing his oral work, Graham tugs at Flint’s heavy nuts. He also gives them a tongue bath,
which all nuts require. :-) Graham continues to look into Flint’s face, trying to discover if he’s doing
a good job. But Flint’s eyes are closed. His hard sausage says what needs to be said. :-)

It’s time for some fucking. Graham gets on side, while drawing his knees to his chest. Flint lubes up
and tries to enter the boy hole. First Graham filches away. Flint tries again and the bottom boy just
moans. From the beginning Flint fucks balls deep. He pays no attention to Graham’s facial
expression, which go from sweet pain to pain.

Flint puts Graham on his back. He needs to reenter, but once he’s in the hard fucking resumes.
Graham beats his meat as Flint pounds away.

“Oh, harder,” Graham moans.

Flint does so.The hits on his sweet spot are too much and Graham nuts all over his pubes. Flint
pulls out and strokes his own load which also lands on Graham’s pubes. When asked how his butt
hole feels, Graham gives a one word answer.




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    That kid on the left is a cutie!

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