Damien Kyle and Mick Torrence

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In this BSB Update Mick Torrence introduces the scene and his co-star, Damien Kyle. In a nutshell these sexy bros are going to flip fuck “the shit out of each other” as Mick so eloquently describes. The guys like a flip fuck more than a simple fuck session; balance is key. The gentlemen get a little more comfortable, take their shirts off and relax. They’ve spent a lot of time together this week and have become good friends, well, good “bros”. The cameraman asks them to prove their “bromance” and kiss on it. Damien his nonchalant but Mick is hesitant. They kiss for a moment and stop.

“I think that’s worse than sucking a dick,” he states.

With Mick’s slight discomfort in mind, they move on to the lesser of the two evils, dick sucking. Damien drops to his knees and Mick whips out his thick piece. Damien gently begins to excite Mick’s dick with his warm lips and wet mouth. Before you know it Mick is completely hard and Damien picks up the pace. He grabs it by the base to the make sure he has a good grip on the object of his attention. Mick’s big veiny cock throbs and pulsates from Damien’s five star skills. He moans as he towers over Damien, like a volcano waiting to erupt. Damien gently strokes Mick’s balls as he sucks. Mick looks extremely pleased.

Before you know it Damien sits on the bed and Mick is slurping on his delicious dick, like a Popsicle during and a scorching day in July. Damien grabs his head and guides his cock deeper inside Mick’s wet mouth.

“Go all the way down,” Damien commands.

Mick obeys and deepthroats Damien’s dick effortlessly. Mick begins to stroke his dick as he tends to the needs of his good bro Damien.

Moments later Mick gets on the bed and lubes himself up. Damien slathers his wet dick and slides inside Mick slowly. Mick’s tight hole isn’t used to visitors, especially guests Damien’s size, but it adjusts. Damien begins to dig inside Mick, his raw cock slamming deep inside Mick’s sweet hole. The intensity increasing slowly, Damien leans in to fuck him harder, then suddenly pulls Mick’s legs and ass closer so that he can fuck him deeper.

They flip. Damien is ready to roll. From the moment Mick slides his dick inside Damien he moans nonstop, while he strokes his hard dick. Mick pumps inside Damien’s with long intentional stokes. Mick looks adoringly at his dick sliding inside Damien’s lubed hole. You can tell he like to top a lot more. He spreads Damien’s legs and fucks him faster and Damien continues to moan. Damien holds his feet in order to better receive Mick’s dick.

“Fuck that,” Damien orders.
“Faster!” He demands.

Mitch obliges his bro. He fucks him hard, deep, and fast. Damien grabs his dick and jacks his until he erupts his load. Mitch slides out of Damien’s hole and jerks his cock and shoots a substantial load onto Damien’s six pack.

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Damien Kyle & Mick Torrence

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