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Meet cutie pie Corey. The 18-year-old is here for a silly reason: he has a DWI charge so has lots of court costs and fines. A terrible mistake on his part is a boon for us. But come on Corey: call a taxi next time you want to get your drink on.

The lad started jerking off when he was in sixth grade. His story is sort of unusual. He peeped into a neighbor’s shower and saw a female friend. Thus began a new, pervy, adventure. :-)

He’s a busboy at the fine restaurant called Chili’s (that’s where the cameraman met him).

Corey strips to his underwear and and someone is sporting wood. :-) It’s been a long time since he’s had any booty. Corey is tan all over and has hefty thighs the need to be kissed. His tool would make a good mouthful.

His jerking technique is pretty basic, nothing dramatic, but he’s grooving to it. Not nervous at all. Even plays to the camera occasionally. Little tease!

Begins to play with his fuzzy balls. Throws his head back and stokes his chest. Wonder if anyone has nibbled on these juicy nipples? When asked to show his man pussy, he does with a smile. It looks tender and sweet. Like it needs to be filled with something.

Corey puts his legs down and returns to paying attention to his pole. His moans get louder and the stroking quicker. Someone is ready to pop! The stud bites his lip and starts shaking his head back and forth. The jerking speed picks up. When he’s moaning to himself you know he’s ready to blow.

Cory whispers some filth and strokes his thighs. He looks like he’s about to cry he’s so horny. The jizz spurts out, slathering his hand. That thumb is coated with the cum.



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  1. Xtian Xtian says:

    Guy looks cute. Wish there were more photos of him though. Wanna see his face upclose. :/

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