Broke Straight Boys: Colby Jones and Kaden Alexander

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Broke Straight Boys: Colby Jones and Kaden Alexander

Look who made a quick return?! Colby the newbie! We just saw him do a pretty hot solo. He’s back, sharing the couch with Kaden “Mr Energy” Alexander.
Colby will be sucking his first dick today. He’s hella nervous. Eight on a scale of 10. Kaden tells him not to worry.

“It tastes just like chocolate,” Kaden says.

And with that the two get up and strip to their underwear. They sit back on the couch and offer each other a helping hand. Kaden’s knob gets hard first. Then Colby’s. After they get naked, Kaden puts his head in Colby’s crotch and sucks away. When asked about Kaden’s oral skills, Colby gives the seal of approval with a “pretty good.”

Broke Straight Boys: Colby Jones and Kaden Alexander

Kaden gets Colby’s baby maker all slick with spit, even chokes a bit. Colby pushes his head down to make Kaden take more in his mouth.

The time has arrived for Colby to apply what he’s learned.

“Suck this chocolate stick, bitch,” Kaden jokes.

Broke Straight Boys: Colby Jones and Kaden Alexander

Colby smiles and slowly starts. His tongue makes Kaden curse and moan. Colby doesn’t deep throat, but takes enough of that leaky hose that Kaden offers the newbie a reach around.
Colby swallows the spit and pre-cum as he sucks away.
“Lick that shit,” Kaden commands.
Colby might be a newbie, but he’s learning today. He does have to come up for air because his jaw muscles aren’t used to this type of work. When the cameraman wonders how it feels, Colby offers a sly smile.

“It’s not that bad,” he replies.

Broke Straight Boys: Colby Jones and Kaden Alexander

Colby stands up so Kaden can have another round on that pole. The studio is filled with the sounds of the models moaning. Kaden breathes through his nose, and strokes his sausage, as he takes care of Colby. He’s working overtime to make Colby nut. His tongue swirls around Colby’s head, but soon the newbie’s hips start to move. He’s fucking Kaden’s mouth.

“Getting close,” Colby whispers. “Going to cum.”

Kaden keeps his mouth on that drum stick and when Colby nuts, all his juice coats Kaden’s soft tongue. He even keeps sucking after Colby’s chopper has shot out its man seed portion for today. Colby hits his knees and sucks away at Kaden.
“Less teeth more lip,”Kaden advises.

Colby deep throats that hog, his neck muscles contracting from all the effort.
“Fuck,” Kaden yells.

Broke Straight Boys: Colby Jones and Kaden Alexander

Colby is taking that tool to the root. Kaden curses and moans, as Colby looks up for approval.
Kaden pulls out of the newbie’s mouth and starts to jerk his meat. Colby doesn’t look like he wants any of that cum near his face, but he’s game.
“Open up that mouth, bitch,” Kaden commands.

Colby does so, and Kaden’s cream lands on Colby’s upper lip and out stretched tongue. He laps up on Kaden’s dong, making sure the nectar stays in his mouth.
Some will moan/complain/protest/whine Colby didn’t swallow Kaden’s tasty jizz, but no need to push the newbie too far. Yet! LOL!

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    Yum.., having fun boys…?

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    I like white guy’s natural looking twinky bod but he’s not good looking enough for me.

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