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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Today at Broke Straight Boys, we welcome back Jamal, our newest model. Nathan, who was running late, also joins him on the futon. Now that Jamal has decided to return, he is going to have to take it to the next level and that means, oral. Luckily, he has Nathan who is going to teach him how to suck on another guy’s dick. Right away, Jamal and Nathan were joking around together which lent a relaxed atmosphere to the shoot. Since Jamal was new to BSB, he was going to get $600 while Nathan, despite his protests, would be getting $500. The boys started stripping off to their boxers, both revealing muscular, toned bodies which complimented each other. They turned around and pulled down their boxers, flashing their well rounded asses to the camera. Sitting back down, they started playing with their cocks as they compared foot size; Jamal’s being longer while Nathan’s were wider. With his eyes closed, Jamal tugged on his cock while Nathan did the same but watched the porn. (MORE)

Soon enough, Nathan leaned over and took Jamal’s half hard cock in his straight boy mouth. Jamal kept his eyes closed but started getting into it by thrusting gently into Nathan’s mouth. Nathan broke off for a moment, commenting on the size of Jamal’s cock, making Jamal laugh. Jamal slapped his thick dick against the palm of his hand a few times before taking off his underwear, Nathan resuming his blowjob a minute later and even trying a bit of deep throating. Nathan admitted that Jamal was the first person of a different race he had ever been with. As Nathan kept sucking on the head of Jamal’s cock and pumping the thick shaft, Jamal just sat back and enjoyed Nathan’s hard earned skills. He was doing such a good job, Jamal had to tell him to stop as he was about to cum. (MORE)

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