Broke Straight Boys: Johnny Forza and Denver Grand

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This isn’t ever going to happen, but if BSB recorded Denver Grand reading telephone books, those vids would be as popular as our best suck and fuck scenes. Aside from his body and looks, there is something appealing about the guy. Maybe it’s because he seems to follow the fun. Possibly it’s due to his out-sized personality. Whatever, the reason BSB veterans will enjoy the start of this vid as Denver talks about everything, from the end of his marriage to his forgetfulness when it comes to bills.

New Jersey stud Johnny Forza sits next to Denver and gets some words in, but we all know when Denver is around he’s going to be center of the trouble. LOL! In today’s set up, Johnny is going to get a chance to tap Denver’s ass. The cameraman notes Johnny is excited about that. No one can really blame him (grin). Denver wants to know who doesn’t want a chance at his posterior.

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