Broke Straight Boys Corey And Mikey

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Today, at Broke Straight Boys, we welcome back both Cousin Mikey and Corey. They have previously appeared on the futon together in an oral scene and now, it’s time to take things to the next level. Right away, Mikey’s exuberance was infectious and Corey was a bit more outgoing than usual. As Mikey doesn’t like to bottom, it was clear that Corey was going to bottom. Corey, while he considers himself completely straight, likes his ass being played with by his girlfriends. I told Corey that he had ‘CJ Syndrome’, where a straight guy likes to bottom. Despite Corey being prepared to bottom for Mikey, he was justifiably worried about the size of Mikey’s cock, however, he was going to give it a try for $1000 while Mikey would get $600. (MORE)

The boys started stripping off to their boxers, Corey telling us all that he liked to skateboard and race go-karts as hobbies while Mikey said that he did karate and sometimes played the piano. With the porn playing, they worked on their cocks, both hard within a few minutes. I got them both to stand up and take off their boxers before standing face to face and show the BSB members the difference in cock size, Mikey and Corey taking the opportunity to start a sword fight with their dicks. Sitting back down, Corey decided he would suck cock first as Mikey stood on the futon, aiming his cock towards Corey’s open mouth. Almost instantly, Corey started deep throating Mikey as he lay a heavy hand on the back of Corey’s head. (MORE)

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