Broke Straight Boys: Adam Baer and Sergio Valen

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Broke Straight Boys: Adam Baer and Sergio Valen

The old and new gods have blessed us with the return of Adam Baer. When this update starts he and Sergio Valen are smooching it up. As they swap spit, clothes are removed
until only the skivvies remain. Adam’s big old tool is straining to get out and play. After some more kissing, the two studs finally get naked. Sergio’s drum stick curves to the
side, itching to go somewhere warm.

Broke Straight Boys: Adam Baer and Sergio Valen

It will have to wait a bit because Sergio offers his mouth to Adam’s hose. Sergio licks that dipstick, making Adam moan. He takes a few licks and then hand jerks it. Tries to deep throat but, as we all know, Adam’s tool is mighty beast! LOL!
Effort tears start to form in Sergio’s eyes. He comes off his knees for a kiss, and takes a seat. It’s Adam’s turn to work some tongue magic. He strokes Sergio’s chest as he sucks away. Even looks up in Sergio’s face to make sure everything is going fine. Of course it is. ๐Ÿ™‚
Sergio just leans back and let’s Adam do his work. Points his sausage in the direction of Adam’s mouth. Not that Adam has to search far. ๐Ÿ™‚

Broke Straight Boys: Adam Baer and Sergio Valen

There’s more kissing and Sergio slaps one of Adam’s butt cheeks. Now most BSB people love Adam as a top, but that ass of his is soooo succulent. It begs for a stuffing, which is what Sergio will do. Adam gets on his knees on the chair, and Sergio saddles up behind him. In one slow motion, Sergio enters the boy hole. Bare and natural.
Soon the strokes are balls deep and Adam whimpers. That’s a whole lot of meat for an ass to handle. He grimaces, groans, and loudly breathes, but Adam doesn’t ask Sergio to stop. That joy button is getting pushed multiple many times.

Broke Straight Boys: Adam Baer and Sergio Valen

Eventually Adam outs a hand on Sergio’s thigh, like he wants him to slow down. Sergio can’t pay attention to such formalities. That ass is too fine.
There’s more kissing before Sergio takes a seat. Adam aligns his hole to Sergio’s wick and takes a seat. Sergio resumes his slow pounding, with Adam’s soldier straining for relief. Adam takes over, going up and down.

Broke Straight Boys: Adam Baer and Sergio Valen

Adam gets on his side, his knees drawn to his chest. Sergio reenters in and Adam’s toes curl. Sergio can’t take all the excitement. He pulls out and strokes a load that covers Adam’s butt cheeks and hole.
Adam pulls up and strokes his toy. His juice explodes out, at least a foot, covering the black couch in white nectar.
Is your man milk on your couch now? ๐Ÿ™‚
All that work needs some more kissing, which the two do. ๐Ÿ™‚

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7 Responses to "Broke Straight Boys: Adam Baer and Sergio Valen"
  1. HunkyVince says:

    The top on looks okay but I’m just really not in the mood for BSB right now I guess.

  2. Will4U says:

    i envy that bottom

  3. John B. says:

    hmm… beautiful and delicious cocks…

  4. John B. says:

    i love young boys like them so much… he he

  5. HiImMike says:

    I loved this!

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