Tyler, Nu, And jake

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Putting Tyler, Nu, and Jake in a scene together I had them all sitting on the couch ready to get started. They all three knew that they were going to be doing an anal scene. I asked which one of them was going to bottom and Tyler and Jake were quick to say that they planned on topping. That meant that Nu was going to have to bottom, which he was okay with I knew that, plus he could use the practice from being so tight the last time. The guys weren’t really pumped and excited, when I told them about the pay from their little reaction. I knew that Tyler was tired from the night before working so late to get a bunch of stuff done, but the rest of them needed to wake up. Both Nu and Jake were getting ready to go back to school soon, so that’s where their money was going to go. As for Tyler he planned on spending his money on a trip, his truck, and possibly a new sofa for his place. I had the guys stand up and get undressed for me. They took off their shirts, and kind of paused thinking that they would be doing it all in stages, but Jake was on his way to stripping down. Jake was quick to get completely naked and took a seat on the couch. The other two had almost similar underwear on, and Tyler has gotten into designer underwear. (MORE)

The guys started with doing the oral broke straight boy wave in one direction on the couch, so Nu sucked on Jake’s cock, and Tyler sucked on Nu’s dick. While the guys worked on getting hard, I went ahead and got some porn playing for them to watch in the background. I really focused in on Jake’s face and how Nu was giving his blow job. Jake would let out moans once in a while and would kind of squirm in place, showing that he was getting completely turned on. After a while I had the guys switch and go in the other direction, and it didn’t take long for Nu to be able to get Tyler to moan, so that just proved to me that Nu was very talented when it came to giving blow jobs. I wanted to make sure that all of them were good and horny, before I stopped them to do the fucking. When Tyler and Jake both had cocks that looked like they could sword fight with, I had the guys stop. Standing up Jake was going to go first in fucking Nu, and the rest of them got the bed ready. Nu assumed the doggie-style position on the bed, while Jake got in behind him. Tyler was lying in front of Nu so that way he could receive oral to keep Nu busy while he was getting fucked. (MORE)

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