Tyler And Leon

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

We have a surprise here at Broke Straight Boys; it’s Tyler’s 20th birthday. I told Tyler that a BSB members, Rifle, had a present for him and that we had also contributed to the occasion. Although somewhat apprehensive at what his ’surprise’ might be, as soon as he saw who walked through the door, Tyler was grinning from ear to ear, obviously happy with his gift. Leon walked in, holding a large cake that Rifle had had custom made for Tyler while Leon was our gift to him. Tyler had a closer look at his cake; it was a beautiful looking cake, featuring a naked Tyler printed directly onto the white frosting with ‘Happy Birthday’ along the bottom. From Tyler’s smile, he was looking forward to the shoot, agreeing that Leon was pretty sexy in his white undies. Right away, Tyler and Leon had a relaxed camaraderie together, just like their previous oral shoot. I told them that they were going to fuck, Tyler stating he was going to top while Leon agreed that because it was Tyler’s birthday, it was whatever he wanted, although, Leon didn’t look like he minded in the least. We agreed that Tyler would get $1000 for topping and Leon would get $1200 to bottom for his second time. (MORE)

Tyler stripped off to his underwear, sitting on the futon next to Leon and with the porn playing, the guys had their dicks in hand and were starting to get hard. Once his underwear was off, Leon leaned over and took Tyler’s cock in his mouth, cupping and rolling the heavy balls as Tyler looked down, watching Leon at work. Right away, Leon had Tyler rock hard while Tyler reached around to tug on Leon’s dick. It was only a matter of minutes before Tyler was ready to fuck Leon’s ass but in order to cool him down a bit, I told him to return the favour to Leon. They opened up the futon and lay down, Tyler swallowing down Leon’s solid shaft while Leon wrapped a hand around Tyler’s dick and jerked him off to keep him hard. Both boys moved into a 69 position, moaning from the double pleasure until it was clear that they were both ready to move things along. (MORE)

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