Ty, Gabe, And Seth

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

We brought back a few of the guys. We brought back Seth who is a straightboy and did a great job but I didn’t want to bring back Gabe but he really needed this opportunity to make some money. I kind of forced Gabe to have sex with Seth. Gabe’s issue is that he can’t have sex with Seth because they know each other and Gabe was freaked out by doing it with his college dorm buddy. Both boys Gabe and Seth insist on contacting me to make money but they don’t want to work together. I thought it would be a great opportunity to force this onto them and too see how desprite they needed the money. I brought in another model that we have seen before and his name is Ty. Ty has been on both collegeboyphysicals and on brokestraightboys and is a complete horn dog. (MORE)

I had the boys get undressed and you can feel the awkward moment in the room as I turned on the porn DVD on the TV. The boys were jerking off and getting hard as I rolled the camera capturing this awkward moment. Seth was hesitant to do alot of the sex, but again if he wanted the money, I wasn’t going to hand it to him on a silver platter, he was going to work for his money. Seth is a true straight boy forcing himself to do this work, Seth a cute guy and a really nice smooth body had some difficulty getting into this gay sex thing that was being forced onto him by his college dorm mate. I had Gabe show Seth how to suck cock by using Ty’s hard throbbing cock. Ty being in the middle of both Gabe and Seth was really enjoying his cock being sucked and stroked by these two boys. (MORE)

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