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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Ty was referred to us by Dr. Rimmerman of College Boy Physical, and he had an interesting reason for how he got pointed to us. When he was younger, around the age of 14 he had an experience with an older male where he got to taste a dick and cum for the first time. Ever since that experience from time to time he has experienced fantasies where he has wanted to have the taste again. Recently, he had an appointment with a doctor to talk about those feelings and see what to do about them. That’s when we were referred to Broke Straight Boys as far as setting up an experience that would be perfect for what he was looking for. When I asked Ty what he would want to do with another male, he jumped right to wanting to do oral. I explained to Ty that we start everyone out with a solo shoot first just to see how they react to the camera, the lights, and the pressure of being in front of people naked. In Ty’s solo he seemed very excited to get started and he wanted to jump right into it. (MORE)

Ty explained that he had a girlfriend of three and half years, and the thoughts of marriage have popped into his head from time to time. But, with all the things going on lately the thoughts of messing around with another male started increasing in his head. He has only been with a guy that one time, and now he wants the chance to do it again. I explained to Ty that we kind of specialize in straight boys testing out their curiosity here on Broke Straight Boys. The first thing I had him do was start by taking off his shirt, he had on a nice black, button down shirt. Ty said that he loves to workout, when he was in high school he played a bunch of different sports. However, with so many things going on he just spends his time with his bar and bench now. Next to go was his pants, leaving him in a pair of briefs, and the one thing that caught my attention right away was his ass. As most of his bare body was exposed he had a couple tattoos on his upper body, and had some nice feet as well. He took a seat on the couch and started rubbing his dick to get it hard. (MORE)

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