Shawn And Braden

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

I placed both Shawn and Brenden together. This was the first time Braden was in a situation with another guy. Off camera both Shawn and Braden got along really well. They both had things in common and Shawn was telling Braden about his first experience and how he couldn’t film. Shawn was really cool giving Braden some pointers and tips about filming his first oral scene. When it was time for Braden to film, he kept on insisting he was straight and he would remind us often. I basically told him we don’t judge and care about his sexuality at this point…just make sure his cock stays hard and enjoys the time on the futon. With my mini-pep talk over…the boys enter the set and the fun begins. Both boys look really hot together…I had Shawn suck Braden’s cock first to see his reaction and Shawn sucked his cock like a pro…at first Braden was not feeling it and it was kind of weird for him…but I told him close his eyes and think of a girl is sucking his dick and watch the porn playing in the back ground. After a few moments…Braden got into it and really started to feel the pleasure of a hot moist mouth sucking on his throbbing cock. (MORE)

Shawn was sucking it down and teasing this hot boys cock with his tongue and Braden couldn’t resist the feelings and started to show signs of enjoyment. Although he didn’t want to suck cock…I told Braden it was his turn. Sucking cock for the first time was not his favorite thing to do…you can see the awkwardness of his sucking and a few times he looked as if he was going to either cry or puke. Shawn’s cock is so big, Brenden did his best at for his first time and then resorted to stroking Shawn’s cock. As the sucking and hand-jobs were over each boy took there cocks and stroked them nice an hard. I didn’t tell Braden about Shawn and how he jerks off…but both boys were stroking and Braden cums shooting his hot load and then turns to Shawn but couldn’t help but laugh as he watched Shawn furiously stroking his cock until he let out a nice moan and the jets of hot cum spewed from his piss hole to end with a sigh of relief. (MORE)

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