Broke Straight Boys – Shane, Diesal And Mike

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Today at Broke Straight Boys, we have a members request; Shane, Diesal and Mike R. They are in the studio for an anal scene. However, as all three of the boys prefer topping, they had discussed beforehand who was going to be the bottom for the day, with Shane drawing the short straw. As Shane was going to get two big dicks up his ass, he was going to get $1500 while both Mike and Diesal would get $1000. (MORE)

All the boys stood up and stripped off naked, sitting back down on the futon and watching the straight porn as they started to get themselves hard. Like always, Mike was as hard as a rock in only a minute or two, Diesal and Shane not far behind him. Shane initiated the infamous BSB Wave, leaning over and taking Mike’s cock in his mouth while Diesal did the same for Shane. Right away, Mike was in awe of how well Shane could suck cock as Shane deep throated him even as Diesal alternated between pumping Shane’s dick and swallowing it down. The boys then swapped sides, Shane taking on Diesal’s monster cock while Mike sucked on Shane. Mike couldn’t believe his eyes when he watched Shane take Diesal’s Gigantor all the way down his throat, even Diesal was amazed at Shane’s cock sucking skills. As Shane said, it’s why he gets paid the big bucks. (MORE)

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