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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

There Shane was sitting on my couch ready to begin another shoot, and make some more money. I noticed as he was sitting there that he had a new shirt on, and I didn’t recognize the name. When I asked him about it he said that it was the name of a new company that he was starting up, and he got the idea a few weeks back. Talking to a friend, the guy had on a new hat, and Shane asked him how much he paid for it. The guy told him $25 for the hat, so Shane figured if people would spend that kind of money for a design that wasn’t very good. He could come up with something much better and really hit it off. I thought it was a great idea what he was doing with the money, and he was using the shoot money to help support his operation costs of his new business. I told him that I would even try to help him out with selling some shirts. (MORE)

Getting to the real reason he was in the room, I brought up the fact that he has now gone through and done everything. However, we want him to continue doing more, because the members like Shane. That being said I had him start by removing his shirt, and standing up for me. Shane had a couple of tattoos, one on his side, and another on his back. Next to go was his pants, and as he was getting them off, I joked around with him in asking if he was still straight. Shane said that he was, and that he has a girlfriend that he keeps in the dark about this line of work. I explained to him that I was going to pay him some money to do oral with a boy that was going to be in soon, his name was Nathan, but in the mean time he could sit down on the couch and start getting hard to the porn. Shane probably ended up waiting for about 10 minutes, but Nathan knocked on the door when he was ready and came right in. Taking a seat on the couch I introduced the two of them, and I asked Nathan to share his story with us. He is 19 years old, has a job, and wants to go to massage school, but with his current pay he can’t seem to make enough to pay for it. Nathan is straight, has a girlfriend who doesn’t know he was trying porn, but her identical twin knows that he was. (MORE)

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