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Sean Jerking Off

Sean Jerking Off

Sean is a good looking guy who works as a waiter in restaurant. Although he gets some decent tips the bills were piling up and he needed some extra cash so he decided to come to Broke Straight Boys to earn a few extra bucks. Sean is totally straight and even has a girlfriend that he is planning on moving in with, but he is really open minded and willing to try different things out. Not to mention that he is a total exhibitionist and likes to be watched.

This is the first time Sean has ever jerked off in front of another guy so as he pulls off his shirt and shows off his fit body he is a little nervous. He drops his pants to the ground and starts to get into it as he pulls off his underwear and gets naked on the futon. He lays back, grabs his dick and shows off off his tattoos as he slowly starts to stroke his cock. Knowing that he is getting filmed and with the idea of a lot of guys watching him stroking his rod swimming in his head, he starts getting hard real fast. He is a straight guy, but all of this is turning him on and getting him hard in his hand.

Once Sean is hard he builds up speed, his hand sliding with skill up and down his shaft. He reaches down with his free hand and starts massaging his balls. The feel of his balls in his hand while he strokes his cock is so intense and so sensual his cock starts to throb. He grips it harder and harder and strokes faster and faster. He really focuses, bearing down and jacking his cock hard as he bites his bottom lip.  As he cums his entire body is flooded with waves of pleasure crashing through his veins and he explodes like a volcano, firing a hot load of jizz all over his flat, tight belly. It feels so amazing his toes curl and he collapses back, out of breath and covered in his own cum. It was one of the most intense orgasms he has had in a very long time.

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