Preston And Leon

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

At the Broke Straight Boys studio today, we have Leon and Preston. Both boys have appeared on the futon before but never together and now, it’s time to make that happen. While we were chatting, I found out that Leon has actually started his own legalized marijuana farm with all the money he has made at BSB, however, he hopes to expand upon it thus, he needs to make some more money while Preston is broke as he lives in Key West, an expensive area. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, Preston is bisexual while Leon is somewhat ambiguous about his ‘label.’  (MORE)

With a price of $500 each for oral decided upon, the boys stripped off to their underwear and worked on their hard dicks while the straight porn played. They soon took off their underwear, Preston revealing a nice tan line while Leon’s ass was as bright white as his chest. Sitting back down on the futon, Leon leaned over and put Preston’s dick in his mouth, Preston leaning back and enjoying the hot, wet mouth enveloping his cock. A moment later and Preston was jerking off Leon even as he kept sneaking peeks at Leon’s head bobbing up and down. He commented on how well Leon was sucking his dick, grinning widely and obviously having the blow job of his life.  (MORE)

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