Nelson And Gino

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Today at Broke Straight Boys, we welcome back Nelson and Gino. Nelson has done some shoots with us in the past but hasn’t been back to the studio in a year so it’s nice to see him back while Gino is one of our newer models. I explained that one of our members, Slimvintage, was a huge fan of Nelson and that this was a shout out to him. Today’s scene was going to be one of our rare Broke Gay Boy’s shoots as Nelson was gay while Gino was bi and both boys were desperately broke. Gino works as a massage therapist and pizza delivery boy while Nelson had just been fired from his job and needed money for school. (MORE)

I told the boys that this was going to be an oral scene and that I would pay them $500 each, I also asked them to do a bit of kissing as I knew that they would both be comfortable with it and kissing is something that our BSB members like to see. Right away, Gino leaned in towards Nelson and they started kissing, their hands exploring each other’s bodies. It wasn’t long before Gino was rubbing at Nelson’s cock through his jeans, Nelson doing the same to Gino, both boys breathing heavily as they got right into it. They took off their t-shirts before continuing to kiss, Nelson licking Gino’s chest a few times before unbuckling Gino’s belt and sliding down his jeans. Nelson started mouthing at Gino’s cock through his grey boxers while Gino had a firm grip on Nelson’s hair. Boxer’s taken off, Nelson sucked on Gino’s dick, deep throating him as he pushed down his own jeans and underwear. Gino sat on the futon, Nelson kneeling between his knees, relaxing as he got a blowjob from a pro. (MORE)

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