Mike, Josh, And Shane

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

At Broke Straight Boys today, we have Josh and Shane. In their previous shoot together, these two boys had amazing chemistry so I just had to bring them in again. Anyhow, today, I’m going to throw a little surprise into the mix, I told them that I wanted to see them fuck and right away, Josh said that he wasn’t into it however, he quickly asked how much I was going to pay for it while Shane made a comment about there always being a price. I then brought up that I had a mystery guest and it was going to be a threesome. Our mystery guest, Mike R, knocked on the door and walked into the room. The reason I brought Mike R in, is that he didn’t pay Josh all the money he promised, so, to help Josh out, I said that Josh was going to bottom for $1500 while both Shane and Mike R would get $1000 but the twist would be that Mike R would only get $200 while the rest would go to Josh. He was down with being fucked again for that amount of money but Josh said he wanted Shane to top him so that left Mike R as the ‘dick sucking bitch boy.’ (MORE)

All three boys stripped off, seating themselves on the futon and immediately launching into the BSB wave with Josh taking Shane’s cock in his mouth and Mike R swallowing down Josh’s dick. A moment later, Josh switched to kneeling in front of Shane, resuming his blowjob while Mike R sat beside Shane, stroking his dick and watching intently before standing up on the futon so that Shane could suck on his dick. Shane, being more experienced, had no problems when Mike R faced fucked him and from how hard Shane’s cock was, Josh was giving a great head job. They all switched positions; Mike R going down on Shane while Shane worked hard on Josh then it was Mike R’s turn to have his cock sucked, his dick big enough for both Shane and Josh at once. (MORE)

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