Mike And Steven

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Pairing up new straight boy Steven with our pro boy Mike, I wanted this shoot to go right. I told Steven that he didn’t need to be nervous, because Mike here was gay and knew what he was doing. I asked Steven if he had ever seen a gay guy before, he said yes just never done anything with one before. His uncle happens to be gay, and that’s when Mike moved over next to him and put his arm over Steven’s shoulders. Saying that before the shoot they had a chance to just hang out and get to talk. He is 19, has a girlfriend and she thinks that he is doing a photo shoot with another guy and girl. He said that she was cool with it, and he would find out when he gets home how she handles it. He is currently working a part-time job, but now he is in the process of getting into the military. I told Steven that normally here on Broke Straight Boys we like to start guys out slow with a solo shoot, but instead I teamed him up with Mike to get a blow job. He was down with that, and then I revealed the twist that he was going to return giving oral to Mike. His response was that he would try it, and Mike would go first and teach him what to do. I told Steven that I would pay him $600 dollars, and Mike was going to make less money. Steven said that he was okay with kissing, so Mike turned and the two of them had their lips touched. When they stopped, Mike said that he kissed like a Straight guy. (MORE)

The next thing Mike did was suck, bite, and lick Steven’s semi sensitive nipples one at a time. It was time for the clothes to start coming off of Steven’s body, and he got all the way undressed. Mike reached over grabbed the cock and we joked around about it being like a tootsie pop. How many licks would it take to get it hard? With a couple licks for amusement, Mike got to work sucking the cock for real, working on making the dick hard. After a minute or so, Mike asked if it was better than his girlfriend’s, and Steven said that it was about the same. As the dick sucking continued, Steven’s cock was getting thicker in Mike’s mouth. I asked Steven if Mike was becoming hard while doing this and he didn’t know, but he reached around with his hand and proceeded to find out. Squeezing the area where Mike’s dick would be he found it, and said that Mike was semi-hard. Keeping his hand there, he played with Mike’s dick at the same time. Just like I knew he would Mike was able to get Steven’s dick rock hard and standing straight up. When I ask Mike if he liked Steven’s dick ? He responded that he did, and that was the perfect opportunity to see if Steven was ready to suck some dick. (MORE)

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