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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

This is a really hot oral scene between MikeR and his friend Josh. Both Mike and Josh are friends and Josh is here to make money to because Mike damaged his 4 wheeler and Josh is trying to earn as much money to get a new 4 wheeler so he can go back and ride again. In the meanwhile, Josh has a broken foot so he has to heal up, so while he’s healing…he’s doing porn and he’s trying to get Mike to pay him back by doing porn scenes. The arrangement is that Josh earns his money and takes some money from MikeR so both boys are arguing over the money and who is going to pay back who? Personally I just want to see Mike and his friend go at, evil me! (MORE)

Josh is a really cute boy with a really nice toned body and this will be his first time sucking cock. I just hope he doesn’t freak out since he’s sucking his friends cock and vice versa. Mike was already getting some wood and Josh was a bit slower so I had Josh suck his buddies cock first. Still a bit new to this and shy he was getting the hang of dick sucking 101 here in the studio. He must have been doing a good job as Mikes cock grew in Josh moist hot mouth. At first it takes a while to get use to the idea of sucking another guys cock, especially when your straight and its your friend but Josh was getting the hang of it and was doing really good at it. Straightboys for some reason get the cock sucking down pat and do really well with cock sucking. I let him continue sucking away as Josh was teasing Mike’s cock head and then worked his way down his shaft licking his nut sac. Josh even got to one point he was able to deep throat Mikes fat throbbing cock. (MORE)

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