Max And Landon

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Bringing back into the studio Landon and Max, the duo pair that seemed like big brother little brother. I wanted to see if I could get them to do one more different shoot for us, and that was another anal scene. The last time they were in Max made $1000 for topping Landon, who walked away making $1800. Now, I was asking them to trade places and Max to take the cock up his ass for $1800. At first he joked around about it, but we had talked on the phone about it ahead of time, so he would have a heads up well before he came in to do the shoot. That’s when I noticed Max’s shirt and had him stand up to show off his blow job shirt. Max said he would give it a shot, and Landon was happy with making $1000 for topping. I asked the guys to stand up to get undressed and both hopped up stripping off their shirts quickly. Dropping their pants next, they didn’t hold back with their underwear either. The guys were left standing naked and they took a seat on the couch, while the new porn got started playing for them to watch. (MORE)

The boys started playing with their cocks to get them hard, and after a while I asked Landon to give oral first. He leaned over and put the want-a-be big brother’s cock in his mouth and started sucking. As his mouth went up and down on the shaft, he twisted his head around in different directions to get Max rock hard. After a few minutes of the blow job, I asked the two of them to switch and for Landon to get a turn. Landon’s dick was soft when Max got started, but I noticed that Max’s mouth locked around Landon’s cock. Landon’s dick started getting hard and as Max continued the cock got harder the longer they continued. I didn’t see any real reason to have them do oral for too long considering that everyone wanted to see them fuck. I had them stand up and get ready, and change the couch into a bed. Max got on his back and spread his legs wide apart, while Landon put a condom on and continued to keep his dick hard. As he sat behind Max, Landon tried to push his cock inside Max’s tight virgin hole, but wasn’t having any luck. One of the problems was the position of Max’s ass being too low on the bed. I had Max get in the doggie-style position to be at a better level for Landon to just be able to push right in. (MORE)

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