Marlin And Dylan

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The photographer @ Broke Straight Boys says,

For this shoot I had invited both Marlin and Dylan to come back in to do another shoot together. I asked them how much further they would be willing to take things and it was Dylan who spoke up saying oral. However, Marlin was the guy that wanted to do as little as possible for as much as possible. I knew that asking for them to do anal was a bit much, especially when Marlin wasn’t really Dylan’s type. The guys decided that they would do the oral for the money, and when I asked Marlin what he spent his money on. He responded by telling me on some new hookah toy. To get the guys moving, I asked them to take off their shirts, and they did so while they remained seated. The next piece of clothing to come off was their pants, but in order to do that they had to stand up. Stripping out of them, they were left in their underwear, and I had them turn around. I wanted a quick look at their asses, and so when they revealed them. Both guys had a great set of ass cheeks that could use a good pounding. (MORE)

The two of them took a seat on the couch, as I worked on putting on something for them to watch. I asked Marlin if he would reach over and start to play with Dylan’s dick outside his underwear. I couldn’t really tell if he was getting hard, but I asked Dylan if he still had his dick piercing in. He said yes, and that’s when I told Marlin to pull Dylan’s underwear down. He did it revealing a limp cock that was in some need of sucking. Marlin wasn’t overly excited, but he put the cock in his mouth and started giving head. The longer that he seemed to go the bigger Dylan’s dick got, making Marlin gag once in a while. I even had to tell Marlin to give Dylan’s balls some attention too. Licking them with his tongue, that seemed to be something to make Dylan moan. I had Dylan stand up in front of Marlin to continue the oral, and that he did. Dylan seemed to mess around a little by being a little more forceful with how far he pushed Marlin’s face down on his cock. (MORE)

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