Marlin And Damien

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Marlin and Damien have both done shoots together before and the last time they were in the studio they both did a shoot where Damien bottomed for Marlin. Well, my point in bringing them back was to see if I could get them to flip flop and for Marlin to get a chance at having a cock up his ass. I explained what they each were going to make for doing the shoot, and both were ready to get started. As they began to get undressed, I commented on Marlin wearing so many layers of clothes while being in South Florida. He said that he just likes to look good on camera, and that he doesn’t care what people think of him. Damien was waiting for Marlin to catch up with him, and I had him show his arm pits to the camera. Going for their pants, both guys got down to their underwear, and Marlin showed his bare ass to the camera. He also had issues with taking off his socks, but when he did his feet looked fine. (MORE)

Damien was going to need some help getting his dick up, so it was Marlin who was going to need to give head first. As Marlin’s lips sucked on Damien’s cock to get him hard, Damien made a comment that the blow job was actually pretty nice. That’s when I asked him his thoughts on if more guys experimenting with a guy sucking their cocks. His response was that he felt that if guys would try it, probably more would be inclined to do it more often. Marlin concentrated on sucking on the top half of his dick most of the time, but every once in a while he would break to lick it. Damien’s dick was rock hard and ready to fuck, but before jumping to that I had him return giving oral to Marlin. Marlin made the comment that Damien needed to come out of the closet, and I asked if his girlfriend still didn’t know about him doing this? He said that she just knew that he was coming to Florida for work, and was always happy when he returned home with a handful of cash for the short time that he was down here. Pausing after feeling like Damien was going to gag on the cock, I pointed out it was a good chance for them to move towards fucking. (MORE)

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