Logan And Shane

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Pairing up models I put together two of our hottest guys that looked like they had been picked out of a modeling catalog. Both Logan and Shane had bodies that looked like they had been sculpted by an artist. As the guys took a seat on the couch, I introduced them to one another to get them to start to interact with each other. Logan has been doing more and more shoots for us, and I brought up the fact that he can only be seen with us as an exclusive. Shane on the other hand has worked with a bunch of other companies and sites, and he contacted me to see if there was any work that I could give him. He is kind of in the middle of being straight/bi-sexual, and even at one time was engaged. However, he prefers to be described as “gay-for-pay!” As for Logan he was between girlfriends leaving him single, and he’s straight. Both guys prefer to top when doing anal with a guy, but one time each of them had bottomed on camera to make the money they were being offered to try it. (MORE)

Since there was going to be no way anal would happen between the two of them, the plan was for them to do an oral shoot. Both guys seemed fine with the $600 I offered them to do it, and were ready to get started. Standing up they both peeled off their shirts, revealing their very, nice, developed chests and arms. Keeping the clothes hitting the floor they went for their pants and Logan asked me if he should stop at his underwear or not. I told him that was fine, and as the guys took a seat on the couch while I turned to put on a video for them to watched. Picking through the bi-sexual porn that I had, I tried to go for something newer and that had more girls since that would be something these two guys would get turned on to see. After I had the video playing and was ready to continue filming, I turned around and the guys already had their underwear off. As they stroked their cocks, they were already almost hard in that short amount of time. Something told me that maybe they were both just a little horny, and were ready to move on in the shoot. I asked which one wanted to suck cock first, and there was a silent pause for a moment that filled the room. (MORE)

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