Leon And Gino

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

We welcome newcomer to the site Gino Ocasio, a smooth toned bisexual twink half Latino half Asian 20 years struggling massage therapist that delivers pizza. Gino is so cute, and really nervous about being on the site and getting filmed. At first he seem calm cool and collected but once I started asking him questions, this poor boy got so nervous and tongued tied it was almost to the point I wanted give him a hug, but he got through it. Once he was telling me about his massage therapy techniques I wanted him to try them out. I wish it was for me…but I had to hold the camera. I approached this episode a bit different since knowing Gino was nervous so I introduced him to another model. Leon is no stranger to the BSB site and has appeared in many episodes. I thought this would be an interesting pairing and I couldn’t wait to see how this scene will turn out. (MORE)

I had no clue what would happen so I just let the camera roll and let nature take its course. I initiated Gino in trying out some of his massage techniques on Leon, which Leon didn’t mind. I had both boys undress and Leon laid down on the futon, Gino then started massaging Leon’s toned smooth leg and working on his inner thigh…but Leon was a quick thinker and told Gino to give him a dick massage….so Gino grasps Leon’s cock and starts stroking it up and down making Leon super hard and throbbing. I told Gino to give Leon a better dick message, and Gino went down and started sucking on Leons hard cock showing more of his massage techniques and Leon didn’t mind at all. (MORE)

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