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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Both Lee and Shane have been in shoots together before, and I had hopes that if I got them in the room to do anal one would cave at the chance to make some really good money for bottoming. Both guys are straight, and have placed limits on the things that they will do in the studio. Lee has only been with us for a few shoots so he hasn’t relaxed enough to try sucking cock yet, he just will receive oral from a guy and top. Shane on the other hand wants to keep coming back for the money, so he will do more. I found out that the guys were both past due on their bills by about a month, almost two and needed to come up with enough money to try and get caught back up and maybe even get ahead. For both guys this would be one of their first chance at bottoming ever, so neither one was too enthusiastic about the chance. Putting $1500 on the table for the boy that would bottom, and the guy that tops would make $1000 I left the decision up to them. (MORE)

Shane was the first one that I approached about bottoming and he at least started to think about it. I asked Lee if he would consider doing it and he said no. Shane spoke up asking if he could get $2000 for doing it, and I agreed to the terms. With the roles decided, the guys stood up and stripped off their shirts. Shane had a bunch of tattoos, a lean body, smooth skin, and a good tan over most of his body. Lee on the other hand had more of a jock build with more muscle, a bubble butt, and hair that reminded me of the 80’s. Both guys are very hot, and so they waited in their jeans for my instructions for those to hit the floor too. With only their boxers on, they took a seat back on the couch while I turned to put some porn on. Reaching inside their shorts they started to work on getting hard and what was great was that these two weren’t bothered by nerves. Boys with boners, I had them stand to show off what they got, and for the most part the two of them had the same shape and size dicks. I asked Shane if he wouldn’t mind giving oral to make sure that Lee was as hard as possible. (MORE)

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