Kevin And Diesal

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Today at Broke Straight Boys, we welcome back two of our favourite models; Diesal and Kevin. Both boys are straight but only mess around with other guys here at the studio; infact, they both got fucked for the first time by another guy at BSB in previous shoots. Despite them both being fairly regular on the site, the only scene they have appeared in together was the three way with Dylan and as such, I’d been trying for a little while now to get them both back in together. With $500 each agreed on, some Broke Straight Girls porn playing, the guys stripped off to their underwear.  (MORE)

Interestingly, the conversation turned to if girls liked having guys go down on them, both Kevin and Diesal saying that they had done it and that a girl’s orgasm while licking her out was always a surprise. Finally, I was able to get the guys to focus on the shoot, telling them they could take off their underwear as I could see that they were getting pretty hard just from the porn. Kevin volunteered to do oral first, leaning over and putting Diesal’s giant dick in his straight boy mouth and there was no doubt that Kevin has certainly picked up some great cock sucking skills from his time at BSB, Diesal even agreeing that he was doing a good job as he sat back and enjoyed a wet mouth on his hard dick. Still, Diesal’s size was a challenge for Kevin so he concentrated on the head, Diesal showing how much he liked it by wrapping a hand around Kevin’s dick to start jerking him off. Diesal was getting so into the blowjob, he pushed Kevin’s head down, forcing his cock deeper into Kevin’s mouth. (MORE)

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