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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

We welcome back Mike, he’s really coming around and doing well and opening up more every time we film him. This time was a bit different for Mike. You see Mike went back home and many of his straight friends found out he was doing gay porn. Being straight himself and basically discovering his bisexuality, his “straight friends” was giving him a difficult time. However one friend of his didn’t really care, the had a long time friendship and went to school together. They never fooled around but they did other things like fishing, hiking and played sports and shared girlfriends and partied like all typical 18-21 year olds. Mike & Josh on this particular day was four wheeling (riding there ATV bikes) in the woods going fast and Mike cut Josh off and Josh went into a ditch and crashed into a large tree, destroying Josh’s ATV and hurting his foot, that he broke his foot and got stitches on the bottom of his foot. Josh was pissed off and wanted Mike to pay him back $5K for the bike. Mike is broke so there is no way he can payback his buddy, so Mike came up with a brilliant idea. (MORE)

He calls me on the phone and tells me that he needs to make $5K to payback his friend. Mike felt really bad and wanted to earn the money. He thought it would be a great idea to refer his friend, they both can make some money and he would give his pay to his buddy and do it for free. I thought about it and I asked Mike about his friend Josh, the only problem is that Josh is very straight and most likely will need some convincing to film. I told Mike to bring his friend over to the studio and we will see what we can do, the only thing he told Josh is that its a porn studio and that we do straight stuff. When I enter the room, I see this really hot smooth straight boys sitting with Mike. Although Mike is really cute, his buddy was really hot and I couldn’t believe that I had this opportunity to film this boy. I was really excited to capture him on film. Once I get the camera on and rolling I told the boy the deal and he was very, very hesitate to do anything…he was more angry with Mike for bringing him here. With some convincing I told the boy that I would each of them $200 each just to jerk off. (MORE)

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