John And Leon

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

I invited John back to the studio. The last time he was here, we filmed him doing a solo. John is a really cute nervous straight boy that comes from Central Florida. A bit down on his luck and short on cash, he decided to keep an open mind and try filming gay porn here at the BSB studios. This time I matched him up with Leon. I figured Leon was in a very similair situation coming here for the first time and doing things he thought he would never do. It was great that I had Leon in this scene because he kind of helped John along the way by showing him how to suck cock. I ask them to get undressed and within a few moments of them playing with themselves, both boys were hard and ready to go. I first had Leon suck on John’s cock. At first it felt kind of strange for him, and he was a bit stiff and didn’t know what to make of it, but as John continued to be more comfortable he relaxed and got into. Then Leon wanted his turn and asked if John can start sucking so I turn the camera to John and told him to start sucking on Leon’s cock. With a few instructions from Leon, at first John started to chock and didn’t really take to sucking cock…but with some coexing and reminding about the $$$ he can make, John cleared his mind and started sucking on Leon’s cock.

Leon is really sensitive towards the head of his cock so this was perfect for John’s first time sucking another guys cock. I then told Leon while he’s sucking you can jerk him off. After a while, these guys really got into it and there dicks were both rock hard….John was about to cum and so he grabbed his cock and Leon went to grab his cock and both boys were pumping up and down on there big cocks. John was the first to blow and it didn’t take long, Leon blew his load almost at the same time watching these two boys cum and jerking there cum out of there cocks. I asked John how he liked it but he didn’t seem that all thrilled about sucking…wait till you see what I have planned for him next.h is ORAL.

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