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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

We received an application from one of our recruiters that works with us. His name was John, 22 years old, straight boy, 5′11, 150lbs toned smooth body. John wanted to make some money. Unemployed, got fired from his pizza delivery job, he was desperate for some dough….no pun intended! He was broke and someone told him to do porn. After seeking some advice, he was told that gay porn pays a lot better then straight. Since John is straight and unsure if he can do this, I placed him first on the casting couch and film him doing a solo. I know many don’t like solo’s but its a great chance to warm up the model and see how he does. I can’t offer him that much so I hope the $200 will do him some good. I offered him the $200 for a solo and he accepted. He seem to be a bit nervous but I had him take off his clothes and I started the DVD player with the straight porn playing in the back ground. As he took off his clothes and sitting in his undies, John then started stroking….get semi-hard, I had him stand and remove his undies and checked out his ass. He kind of reminded me of Logan with the charm of CJ in his solo.

As he pumped his crew harder and longer. John as an amazing 8 inch cut cock and a pair of nice size balls. He watched the DVD playing as he continued to pump his cock…he sat down again after showing me his ass and then I asked him to stand again…as I felt his cock in my hands. It was throbbing rock hard as I stroked his cock with one hand and held the camera with my other hand. I then grab a bottle to compare his cock with…displaying how large his cock is. He sat down again pumping a way…his dick was nice and hard and his breathing became a lot stronger as he pumped his cock faster and stronger. I just knew in a matter of moments that John’s cock was ready to explode. I love when a guy tells me when he’s ready to pop…his voice soft and filled with lust…”I’m going to cum!” he announces to me as jets of white cum shoot out his cock an onto he stomach….and the rest oozing out of his piss slit and onto his hand. This is a really hot first time scene, classic BSB to watch a straight newbie go from his solo to pairing him up with another guy for his next scene which is ORAL.

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