JJ And Kevin

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

It has been a long time since we have seen Kevin. Kevin is a hot local boy that was once again down on his luck so I decided to place him with one of our newest models named J.J. Although Kevin and J.J got along off camera, J.J. never sucked another guys cock before let alone got his dick sucked from a guy and he was super nervous. As the scene started, you can see J.J was a bit frightened and as I rolled the camera and asked the two boys to get hard, Kevin had no issues but poor J.J was struggling along. I then told Kevin to help J.J out to try to get him hard and as Kevin was sucking poor J.J was soft the whole time. It did feel good, but the whole guy\guy thing was creepy to him. Since J.J couldn’t get hard, I then had J.J suck on Kevin’s cock and thank goodness, Kevin was enjoying every moment of J.Js virgin mouth sucking on his hard cock. You can tell J.J doesn’t really have that much experience and his style was simple but he got the job done. He couldn’t suck anymore so J.J switched to jerk Kevin’s dick. I know Kevin really enjoyed J.J stroking his cock. (MORE)

Watch as J.J lubes up Kevin’s cock and give his cock long strong strokes at times going fast and then slowing down a bit teasing his cock. Watch Kevin moan as his lubed up cock is throbbing and rock hard then spurts of cum shoot out of his huge fat cock head spurting load after load, then admitting that this was the first time anyone has gotten him off just from giving him a hand job so I guess J.J does have some talent. Unfortunately, J.J was unable to get hard and the fact he was getting his dick sucked by a guy really turned him off. I couldn’t pay him his full amount but I guess this is the chance we take when trying to get straight boys doing gay sex. (MORE)

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