Jesse And David

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Today at Broke Straight Boys, we have a return visit from Jesse and David. They are here in the studio today to do their oral scene. David is bisexual while Jesse is straight although he considers himself ‘gay for pay’. Already, I could see that both guys were more relaxed than in their previous shoot as Jesse even cracked a smile while David was more talkative. With $500 a piece agreed upon for oral, David said he would be buying some more textbooks for Nursing school while Jesse was hoping to use the money to set up his own pressure washing business. (MORE)

The boys stripped off their clothes and sat back down on the futon, jerking their dicks while watching the porn playing. It wasn’t long before both were as hard as a rock, once again I was surprised by the sheer size of Jesse’s huge dick. Likewise, David was also fascinated with how big it was, asking Jesse if he needed any help. I told David to touch it but he was hesitant to do so as Jesse is a very imposing figure but nonetheless, he reached over and took the big cock in hand while Jesse did the same for David. After a few minutes, Jesse hinted for David to start sucking. David wasn’t sure he could handle Jesse’s dick but with Jesse pushing his head down, David was going to give it a go. Jesse was proving to be very dominant, forcing David to keep sucking on his cock, however, David didn’t seem to mind as he worked overtime, Jesse commenting that David sucked cock better than a bitch. David even deep throated the monster, getting everything bar a bare inch down his throat, something a straight boy would freak out at. (MORE)

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