Gabe And Seth

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Gabe & Seth are two new boys that I introduced to the site. Gabe is bi and his college roommate is a straight guy named Seth. Gabe and Seth share a dorm room in the local college. Gabe is a fan of the BSB site and he convinced his dorm mate Seth to come and film some porn since both boys are broke. Although there college dorm room is already paid and they don’t have to worry about rent, they still need money for food, cell phones and books and money to party and everyday expenses. Gabe decided to bring his buddy to us so they both can combine there money to make as much as they can. Gabe was okay with the situation but Seth was a bit freaked out and never jerked off in front of anybody, let alone had any experiences with another guy. With a bit of convincing, I offered the boys $300 per person just to jerk off and Seth agreed. I placed the straight video on and told the boys to get undress and jerk off. As I rolled the camera, they stripped down and started playing with there cocks. I notice there cocks were a bit small and I was hoping they were going to be growers. (MORE)

Sure enough, with some stroking, the boys cocks grew larger as they both continued to watch the porn and stroke there hard cocks. Its really hot to watch young frat/jock type college boys stroke there meat! These two boys had some really nice cocks! Gabe had a bit of an issue and was getting hard and soft but Seth, seemed to be really get into the scene as he focused on the porn playing in the background. Seth’s dick was throbbing and rock hard sticking straight up in the air! Gabe in the meantime, was trying his best to stay hard. I thought the straight boy was going to have an issue and the bi boy was going to have the hard cock….but you just never know. Seth kept on stroking and then he released his hot cum spurting into the air and drooling out of his slit. I guess that did it for Gabe, his dick got really hard and he then squirted his cum all over his chest and stomach. This is a really nice duo jerk off scene and a great intro to new boys out of our hottest BSB model pool to date. Lets see if these two boys are willing to cum back and do more! (MORE)

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