Fernandon And Jay

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

I had paired up Jay and Fernando, after my original plan was to put Jay with his straight buddy Alden together. When I had the conversation with Alden about doing anal, he told me there was no way that he was going to even think about doing it. That’s when my back-up plan came up and I called Fernando to see if he was interested. The guys arrived at the studio and Fernando was really nervous about doing the shoot. As they took a seat we started filming and introduced the two of them. Jay is bi-sexual, and I think that Fernando is bi-sexual as well. His experience with guys has only been here at broke straight boys and with each shoot he opens up a little more. This shoot was going to be his first time doing anal, and so he said that he wanted to top. I let them know how much they both were going to make for doing the shoot, and hoped that maybe Fernando might be interested in trying to bottom after hearing how much Jay was going to walk away with making. First, they were going to do some oral to get warmed up and that would lead into anal. Going for their shirts, they both stood up and stripped them off. Their shorts were next, leaving them in their underwear, and they took a seat on the couch while I would put on a video for them to watch. I wanted them to get hard, so that way they could start interacting with one another. (MORE)

Both guys pulled their dicks out of their underwear as they watched the porn, and Jay was able to get hard in less than a minute. When he was comfortable he dropped his underwear to the floor, leaving me to ask Fernando to go for his. I asked Jay if he wouldn’t mind helping Fernando out, so he leaned right over and started sucking on the cock. The oral made Fernando’s mouth drop open from the rush he was feeling. Even though it was happening slowly, Fernando was getting hard, and his cock was getting thicker in size. Jay used a combination of mouth and hand. He paused and sat up as he was jerking Fernando off, and that’s when Fernando took the opportunity to return the favor. He put Jay’s cock in his mouth and started to give head. Jay put his hand on the back of Fernando’s head to use his mouth as his own personal toy. Both guys seemed to be getting horny as their cocks were getting hard from the blow jobs. (MORE)

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