Donovan & Brenden

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

Due to the construction back at the Broke Straight Boys studio, I had reserved a hotel room for any potential shoots and after seeing the construction progress, I decided to give Brendan a call to see if he wanted to make some more money. I was left wondering what was going on as I didn’t hear back from him for a while but once I managed to speak to him, I found that he was trying to convince his friend Donovan to come in and do an anal scene for some more money. Even though Brendan indicated that Donovan was very reluctant to do anal, I told him to keep me updated. I was really hoping Donovan would reconsider as I didn’t want the hotel room to go to waste. Brendan gave me a quick call and told me they were both coming over to discuss doing an anal scene. (MORE)

Almost 2 hours later, both boys were at the hotel and we were discussing the shoot off camera, the issue being that Brendan was a top and will not bottom while Donovan, who had never done either with a guy before, would only consider an anal scene if he topped. I told the boys that one of them needed to make the choice to bottom as the scene couldn’t have two tops. Eventually, I hopped on my laptop and, through an intense conversation with Donovan, I convinced him that bottoming wasn’t so bad and that he would give it a try, enabling me to turn on the camera once again. Due to Donovan being deaf, the boys communicated back and forth with the reliable pen and paper method as we discussed prices with Donovan finally deciding that he would bottom for $1800; this straight boy was about to get fucked for the first time by another guy! (MORE)

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