Donovan & Brenden 2

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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

From the first moment I had met Brendan and Donovan from the last scene, I was suspicious that something just wasn’t quite kosher between them… and I was right. Brendan came and spoke to me in private, confessing that he was in fact, gay and that he wanted to have sex with his good friend Donovan, having always had a crush on him but was very unsure as to how to go about it. Brendan stated that Donovan is straight and that even though he had never been with another guy before, Donovan was pretty desperate to get to Germany and see his Mom. I commented that Donovan didn’t look German but Brendan said that despite most people thinking Donovan was Latino, his Mom was a white German while his Dad was black. Interestingly, Brendan was the one who suggested Donovan visit us here at Broke Straight Boys, telling him it was a great way to earn money. I offered Brendan $700 each for him and Donovan to suck each others cocks. (MORE)

Donovan is profoundly deaf and even though he lip reads, I didn’t want there to be any confusion so asked Brendan to write down the scenario for Donovan to consider for us. Donovan wasn’t keen on the whole idea but quickly agreed to give it a try for an additional $100. I had the boys undress down to their underwear and get settled on the futon. Both boys revealed nice bodies; Donovan was the shorter of the two and had a more defined set of abs while Brendan was leaner but had a nice all over tan. Putting in some straight porn, I asked them to start getting themselves hard. Once again, just as in the previous shoot, their knees were pressed up tight against each other… the body contact adding a nice flavor to the shoot. After a little bit, I could see they were both hard and it was time to get them started on sucking each other off so Brendan leant over and took Donovan’s straight boy cock in his mouth. With a quick word to Donovan, I got him to wrap his hand around his buddy’s dick, stroking him while he got his own blow job. (MORE)

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