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The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

I’m pleased to announce that we have a first here at Broke Straight Boys; our first deaf model. I had received an application from a model who indicated that he wanted to work with our studio. Donovan attached his pictures to the application and I was delighted to see that this particular straight boy was an 18 year old twink hottie; light chocolate smooth skin, toned body, dark hair and eyes and a great smile. In his application, Donovan stated that he was profoundly deaf, 100% hearing affected. (MORE)

I had never had a deaf applicant before and as such, I wasn’t really sure how to go about setting it all up, however, after seeing the photos, I knew I had to get this boy into the studio as he was too cute to pass up this opportunity. Also, at BSB, we have a strict policy against discrimination and as such, I iniated a chat with him online in order to find out a bit more about both himself and his motivation for wanting to work with BSB. First thing I asked him, of course, was if he was straight, bi or gay and was excited when he informed me he was straight… I knew right away that, despite any challenges this shoot might pose, our members were going to love Donovan. In our conversation, I found that he wants to make enough money to be able to visit his Mom in Germany. He used to live with his Mom but missed his Dad, so he moved over here to the United States, however, he hasn’t seen his Mom for around several years and really misses her. (MORE)

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